4 Reasons Your Dishwasher Is Leaking Water

17 July 2020
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When you run your dishwasher, you expect all the water used to clean your dishes to stay inside of the dishwasher. When water leaks out, it creates not only a mess but a potentially hazardous situation, which is why you need to figure out and fix the cause of your leaking dishwasher as soon as possible. Reason #1: Damaged Dishwasher Tub The tub in your dishwasher is the plastic that covers the bottom of your dishwasher. Read More 

Repairs Your Dryer Might Need When it Won’t Turn On

3 February 2020
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It's frustrating when your clothes dryer won't turn on after you've loaded it with wet clothing. The clothes will wrinkle and develop a musty odor if you don't dry them fast, and you may need to resort to hanging the clothes in your yard or garage if you can't get your dryer working. Here are some causes for a dryer not working and repairs that might be necessary. A Loss of Power Read More