Three User Mistakes That Can Lead To You Needing Frequent Washer And Dryer Repair

28 November 2020
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Washer and dryers are common household appliances that are responsible for keeping your clothes, towels and linens clean. Unfortunately, many people make mistakes that can damage their appliances and lead to them needing frequent washer and dryer repair and/or can shorten the lifespan of the appliance. Here are three common user mistakes that you should avoid making to help prevent unnecessary damage to your washer and dryer. 

Overusing Your Washing Machine or Dryer

One of the user mistakes that can lead to you needing frequent washer and dryer repair is overusing your washing machine or dryer. On average, washing machines and dryers last about ten years. But, if you use the washing machine when you only have a few things to wash, run your dryer to de-wrinkle clothes every day, or are using your appliances to wash a high volume of clothes each week, you may be using your appliances more frequently than they are designed to be used. This can lead to them needing frequent repairs and shorten their lifespan. 

Failing to Clean Your Washer or Dryer

Another common user mistakes that may lead to you needing washer and dryer repair frequently is failing to clean your washer or dryer. It is recommended that you take the time to clean your washing machine's detergent and fabric softener dispensers and clear the lint tray from your dryer. If you fail to clean your washing machine's detergent and fabric softener dispensers, the build-up can eventually cause a clog in your unit. Failing to remove lint decreases the efficiency of your dryer, making your unit work harder and longer. This causes parts to wear faster. 

Washing or Drying Items You Should Not

The final mistake that can lead to you needing frequent washer and dryer repair is washing or drying items you should not. For example, bras should be hand-washed, as the wire can damage your washing machine. Shoes banging around in your dryer can lead to dryer damage. Always make sure an item is safe for your washer and dryer, and be sure to check your pockets before laundering to prevent coins or other items from damaging your washer or dryer. 

Overusing your washer or dryer, failing to properly care for and clean your appliances, and washing or drying items that you should not can damage your unit and lead to you need frequent washer and dryer repair. Unfortunately though, you cannot prevent the need for every washer and dryer repair even if you do everything right. If your unit is making strange noises, is not washing or drying your clothes or you notice other issues with your unit, contact an appliance repair company to have your unit inspected and to determine if repair is the best option for your washer or dryer.