Repairs Your Dryer Might Need When it Won't Turn On

3 February 2020
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It's frustrating when your clothes dryer won't turn on after you've loaded it with wet clothing. The clothes will wrinkle and develop a musty odor if you don't dry them fast, and you may need to resort to hanging the clothes in your yard or garage if you can't get your dryer working. Here are some causes for a dryer not working and repairs that might be necessary.

A Loss of Power

Check the easy solution first and make sure the power cord hasn't pulled away from the wall. If the unit is plugged in, check your electrical panel to make sure the circuit isn't tripped off. Your dryer may be on a dedicated circuit and if so, the rest of your house will have power even if the dryer doesn't. Flip the circuit all the way off and then back on to see if that fixes the problem. You'll probably need to call a dryer repair service to figure out what's wrong if the problem isn't fixed.

The Thermal Fuse Is Blown

The thermal fuse is a protective device that shuts down your dryer when it gets too hot. When the fuse blows, your dryer won't start. The repair technician will locate the fuse and test it with a multimeter to see if it has electrical current. If not, the fuse has to be replaced. However, it's also necessary to track down why the fuse blew in the first place. A common cause is a vent that's clogged with lint and dust. If that's the problem, the vent should be cleaned so the fuse doesn't blow again.

The Door Switch Is Bad

Your dryer is made so it won't turn on until the door closes and activates the door switch. If the door switch goes bad, then there is no trigger to start your dryer. The switch can be tested with a multimeter; if it's found to be defective, the switch is replaced and your dryer should start working again.

The Drive Motor or Belt Is Bad

Your dryer has two functions. One produces heat and the other makes the dryer spin. If the drive motor or belt goes bad, the dryer won't spin. There might be unusual noises associated with a bad motor or worn belt that provide a clue to the problem. If you don't hear unusual noises, the repair person can test the motor and examine the belt to check for problems. This requires taking your dryer apart to reach the motor parts. The motor may need to be replaced or the motor may be okay and the problem is a worn belt that needs to be replaced. Once the drive belt and motor are functioning properly again, your dryer should start tumbling when the door is closed.

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