4 Simple Tricks for Taking Care of Your Kitchen Appliances

4 November 2019
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It is easy to forget that your kitchen appliances are basically really large machines. There are lots of ways you can take care of these expensive and important appliances that are really simple to do.  

1. Clean the Seal on Your Fridge  

Start by cleaning the seal on your fridge. Take a damp washcloth and run it around the seal of your fridge. Start at the top of your fridge, and work the washcloth between the folds in the seal. Rinse it out and then wipe down the sides of the fridge, and finally the bottom.   

Once you clean the seal on your fridge, don't forget about the seal around the freezer door. Once again, really get in between the folds and get those areas really clean. Food and debris can build up in between the folds, and lead to mold and the breakdown of your seal if you just wipe the seal off and don't really clean it. Even if you clean the seal on your fridge, it will not last forever. When the seal breaks down, it will need to be replaced by a professional in order to keep your food cold.   

2. Clean the Coils on Your Refrigerator  

The coils are located on the back of the fridge or under it your fridge depending on the set-up. The coils help keep your fridge cool, but they also attract a lot of dust and lint. You can use a vacuum to clean up the debris and make your coils clean again, which will make your refrigerator operate more effectively. Cleaning your coils will help save you from needing your fridge fixed because your coils are not working correctly. If your fridge isn't staying cool, call in an appliance repair person to fix the issue.  

3. Clean Your Garbage Disposal  

Your garbage disposal is a kitchen appliance, so make sure you don't overlook it. If your garbage disposal stinks, you are not taking proper care of it. Clean your garbage disposal by pouring ice and salt or vinegar down the drain. Allow the mixture to sit for a few minutes, then flush with hot water while running the disposal. You can also throw extra citrus peels down there from time to time to sanitize your garbage disposal and make it smell good.  

Cleaning your garbage disposal will help keep your garbage disposal working effectively. If your garbage disposal ever seems to not be working correctly, and cleaning doesn't fix the issue, it is time to call in a repair person. Eventually, the blade to your garbage disposal may need to be replaced or the motor may need some attention. 

4. Clean Your Dishwasher  

Don't forget to clean your dishwasher. Check the cover that goes over the drain at the bottom of your dishwasher; food particles often build up here. Remove the filter cover and clean that area up. You should also run an empty load every once in a while with just dish soap or with baking soda to sanitize your dishwasher. Cleaning your dishwasher will help prevent the filter and drainage from getting clogged. If you don't keep your dishwasher cleaner, and the drainage pipe becomes clogged, you'll need to call in a plumber or appliance repair person to clear the drainage pipe so your dishwasher can work again.